The Psychotherapy Center
Recovery, Healing, Transformation

Susan T Pearson, PhM - Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Psychoanalyst

Like so many others before me, my road to professional psychotherapy has been long and winding, filled with side trips, back roads, and even some delays, but it has always been interesting. A life-long passion for science and art (parental influences, I'm sure) eventually led me to New York as a National Endowment of the Arts recipient for the study of scene and lighting design in theater. When that proved to be unrealistic as a profession for a young woman in the '70's, I turned to corporate work in order to support myself. During that time of challenging managerial work I returned to an early love of Eastern philosophies. I read everything I could about them, especially Zen and Tibetan Buddhism, and learned how to meditate.


I also began my own psychotherapy, which would later evolve into psychoanalysis when I entered graduate school in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. After successful completion of their doctoral program (except for the dissertation), I entered a four-year advanced certification program in psychoanalytic training at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. I was intrigued by Jung's idea of The Collective Unconscious and Freud's use of the technique of "stream of consciousness", and how these two ideas resonated with Buddhist psychology. I loved working with individuals who wanted to help themselves heal and grow into their full potential through the difficult but rewarding work of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. I was home, and a new part of my journey was beginning!


After finishing at ICP, my husband and I moved out to Bucks County to live fulltime. I soon opened The Psychotherapy Center in 1994, and started my practice. I began attracting clients who directly or indirectly led me into further study of creativity, the nature of consciousness and its' relationship to ongoing neuropsychological advances, and the resiliency of the human spirit.


As I continue on the dual path of personal and professional growth and development, I am ever more convinced of the power of meditation, contemplation, and psychotherapy as transformational processes. In cultivating an attitude of compassionate, non-judgmental acceptance and open-minded curiosity, I believe I have helped individuals recover from trauma, heal inner wounds and conflicts, discover their authentic selves, and grow in every facet of their lives...emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.


I believe in a collaborative effort between the psychotherapist and the individual. By that I mean this: You already have everything you need in order to heal and grow-- it is my job to help you in accessing your own personal wisdom, and to pass on to you whatever wisdom I have acquired that may help you in your journey toward becoming a fully realized human being.

Enlightenment consists not merely in the seeing of luminous shapes and visions -

but in making the darkness visible. The more difficult, and therefore, unpopular."

                                                                                                                                                                                                               C. Jung