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Recovery, Healing, Transformation

 "Who looks outside,    


Who looks inside,


             C. Jung

Susan Pearson's theoretical orientation and approach to psychotherapy

My training is in psychodynamic psychotherapy within the interpersonal and relational schools of thought. As a result, I believe people have an inherent need to interact and relate with others, and that the individual's sense of self and identity is formed by the relationships and social interactions developed over the course of a lifetime.


This type of therapy goes beyond cognitive behavioral reframing; psychodynamic therapy goes deeper into the person's unconscious in order to be a truly healing and transformative process. An exploration of deeply held beliefs and unconscious feelings that have fueled self-limiting defenses helps the individual process these underlying motivations and move on.

Tools and methods of the psychodynamic technique:


  • Focus on affect and emotional expression
  • Exploration of defenses
  • Identification of recurring themes
  • Exploration of how the past "lives on" in the present
  • Focus on interpersonal relationships
  • Focus on the therapeutic relationship and how it plays out recurring themes
  • Exploration of one's fantasy life: dreams can provide a rich source of information about unconscious beliefs

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