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Welcome to my Practice


The Psychotherapy Center in Newtown, PA , has been providing psychotherapy to the residents of Bucks County and neighboring Mercer County since1994. Susan Pearson, PhM, a Licensed Psychologist, is committed to the understanding of all human behavior; she believes that through psychodynamic psychotherapy she can help people heal, grow, and transform themselves. The foundation of her approach is a deep respect for the dignity and worth of every individual, and an understanding of the holistic relationship among psychological, physical, and spiritual health.


People come to psychotherapy because they are having difficulties such as:


  • suffering from depression or anxiety
  • feeling emotionally unstable or out of control
  • suffering from feelings of emptiness or meaninglessness
  • having difficulties with their personal or work relationships
  • suffering from chronic illness or pain
  • dealing with long-term effects of childhood or spousal abuse


I believe you are the expert on yourself and your experience. Working together, we become mutual partners on your journey toward wholeness through the resolution of the difficulties that were the source of your symptoms and suffering. I work with older adolescents and adults, focusing on a wide range of emotional and psychological issues, including, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, trauma, loss and bereavement, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, pain management, mid-life crisis, career issues, and spiritual and personal growth. 


You have already taken a powerful step toward healing by looking at my website. Please explore it and feel confident in calling me for a free initial consultation to evaluate your needs.